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Durock Quick Dry┬áself leveling┬ácementitious underlayment is the ideal flooring solution for leveling uneven wood or concrete floors.It provides a smooth, crack resistant underlayment surface which can be laid from feather-edge to 3″ in one pour.
This underlayment minimizes down time with its quick setting thus allowing for a same day floor covering application (12 hours after underlayment
´┐╝installation ) .


Typically within one day ,your floor can be prepped, poured and a new floor covering applied. In the case of our resurfacing overlayments we wait till the next day before applying the Arapido cement or Sgraffino.This high proformance underlayment with compressive strengths up to 6000 psi resists indentations and floor damage from the other trades during construction.




As you see from the pictures we can go over hard
surface tiling like tile or granite to give us a completly new smooth concrete floor without the aggrevation of removing the old floor .We do not recommend pouring directly over vinyl tiles .





Self-level is the perfect solution for covering infloor electric heating wires prior to our decorative concrete installation. Normally, when metal logos, feature tiles or wood/ metal panels are inserted in the floor for a design aspect, the self level will be place after these items are installed to correctly adjust the new surrounding level making the height ready for the final Arapido concrete finish.




The picture to the left tells all ….this is usually the reason we need to use a self-level concrete, in this case not only did we have foundation exposure issues but there had been a wall demolished which now exposed different concrete levels.In this instance we place a membrane over the foundation problem and then followed up with a 1/2 ” self level. see bottom left.



The project was finished off with a layer of Arapido cement lightly colored with Aquacolor Wales Charcoal then polished and sealed.
Even though this was new construction the transformation from start to finish during the process was quite amazing.

The seamless concrete floor with its low color loading really opened up what seemed like a tight hall way space.

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