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Consultancy clients 1. First time installers. Wanting to learn from the best 2. Well experienced artisan looking to expand their service offerings know how or just to better understands the the advantages of having us on a job site to use our vast wealth of knowledge. 3. Floor Owners , designers, or architects to advise on site of how to prepare and go about installing a system. 4. International customers are you interested in installing, distributing or becoming a licensed manufacturer.



1. As a new installer of artisan finishes who is a novice or with minimal no concrete experience but who is very interested to get into the trade……We can help you, we offer services that will assist you in getting through the startup training phase and be there to make sure your first installations are successful. Common new clients often come from other traes such as concrete finishers, faux painters, tile companies, flooring experts and wall plasterers.



2. For this type of Consultancy our clients possess a great deal of range of experience in concrete and artisan flooring . Mike Miller,”the concretist” is a a long time affiliate and is an artist and technical guru as well ad designer, with an enormous knowledge of concrete design and know how. Even the best still see value in keeping fresh and using our services after all these years.




3. Our consultancy services are available to the end user. This may include a designer, an architect or floor owner. Realizing that it must be done right the first time is made easier when surrounded by top notch experienced professionals. Sometime a little advice from the start will set the standard for the entire project. We can consult during the early stages of a concrete floor project knowing that we will be awarded the project upon contract. We will address pricing and material costs up front to allow the client to budget, plan and price accordingly.



4. We are able and willing to travel the world to help with flooring projects. It’s amazing to find like minded people around this planet with the same enthusiasm and intrigue in what can be done to a concrete surface. Out clients across the world want to understand the systems and processes needed to successfully install and even become dealer or licensed manufacturer. We can complete an installers training seminar to get them started. Photo with Boris and his company, Les 3 Matons, of Toulon France, a master specialist in Venetian old world plasters and pigments . Here Iam running a decorative concrete seminar for 50 French enthusiasts.

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