Decorative concrete finishes create a fresh, slick, and welcoming outdoor space. The earthy tones within concrete surfaces compliment natural surroundings while adding an accent of unique design.


An interplay of elemental and modernist characterizes our concrete surfaces to create a timeless aesthetic. The subtle tones and slick texture of a concrete finish—appropriate for both exterior walls and floors—compliments any home, whether traditional or contemporary, and enhances the overall impression of a well designed space.


Cement’s malleable nature enables the option to create patterns during installation. Cutting the concrete into squares at a 45º angle produces tile patterns. Once stained and sealed, the concrete creates a trouble free exterior surfaces with stronger endurance than a standard tile floor while creating a similar visual effect.


When an Arapido cement finish is integrally coloured the result is both a uniquely toned aesthetic surface and a natural slip resistant floor. Fine silica and sand are added to the finishing process to create a gentle grip. This feature makes Arapido the perfect non-slip surface for a swimming pool and surrounding areas.