High traffic environments demand durable floors to withstand the constant impact of day to day life. An Arapido surface provides such heightened durability coupled with a visually flawless finish.


Beyond resistance to daily wear and tear, our concrete floors offer the possibility to visually embody an institution’s emblems and colour schemes within the concrete floor itself. During the resurfacing process, sections of the floor can be coloured with a combination of concrete dyes and cast on aggregates. After applying sealer the colour enhances and strengthens.


Easy upkeep characterizes concrete floors. We specifically design our cement with durable properties to endure high foot traffic spaces, making concrete floors beneficial for a range of institutions from hospitals to educational facilities.


Our dyes and stains introduce the right amount of colour into every space to both add vibrancy and compliment existing design. With a high ceiling sporting large windows, natural light spills through and fills a concrete micro topping with sunlight opening up the space and revealing deep and rich natural tones and pigmented colours.


Our unique concrete systems complete the visual aesthetics of a space and in doing so create personalized and welcoming environments. To create a calming atmosphere in this surgery waiting room we stained a Micro-Topping to enhance the exposed wood beams and grande fireplace.