Concrete floor polishing is the best way to revive and elevate lack-lustre concrete slabs into a durable, seamless, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and low maintenance polished floors. Our innovative polished concrete systems produces the highest quality floor.


We can polish your aged and damaged concrete floors to regain their sheen and increase durability in an environmentally friendly service. To further refresh your floor, add colour during the polishing process with our selection of acid stains and dyes. A diverse array of colours and finishes are available that can be tailored to your personal needs and design requests to suit an array of clientele from residential, commercial and industrial projects. With years of surface polishing experience we can help achieve any desired result to suit your needs. MJW Applications is an accredited HTC Superfloor™ installer. This system’s machinery and diamond polishing tools can achieve a various levels of finishes from matte to high gloss and satin.


The technique used to create a HTC Superfloor™ is revolutionary. The application of HTC’s machines and diamond tools to mechanically polish and grind concrete floors creates both a hard wearing strong concrete floor and an elevated, shiny, and environmentally friendly surface. This concept produces a floor that is both a refined concrete surface, ideal for contemporary homes and fashion stores, and a durable surface suitable for more demanding environments such as a warehouse space. The diverse nature of HTC Superfloor™ makes it the ultimate design floor.


Concrete grinding and polishing machines use diamond pads to smooth and polish your concrete to expose the glossy floor beneath the damaged surface. To determine if your floor is suitable for our polishing services, evaluate the following factors:

Required State Of Concrete For Polishing

  • Level and smooth surface
  • Hard and dense
  • No major cut, joints or cracks

Issues For Polishing Concrete Floors

  • Trenching for plumbing or electrical
  • Chips, holes, or patch material
  • Stains, paint, glues, or residue
  • Old expansion joints


If the existing floor is in poor shape we can consider alternative approaches, such as first applying our resurfacing system followed by an Arapido polishing. In the case of extremely weathered concrete, we can create a new surface altogether by pouring a self-level cement. Both of these options allow the fresh floor topping to be integrally coloured if desired.


A polished Arapido surface is our go-to solution. As the sole inventors, we have full command over the colour and finish of the Arapido system. Our specially designed sprayable micro-topping feature is the perfect method for masking pre-existing imperfections in a concrete slab.



Colormaker Deso Dye


Colormaker Patinaetch