Seamless, slick, and simple—concrete floors are the perfect surface to showcase any product. Rather than distracting the eye with loud ceramic floor tiles, concrete subtly contrasts products to draw in the customer’s focus.


We applied an off-white Pentimento cement for this floor in North Face to reflect the brand’s identity; the natural tones embody the company’s outdoor focus while the slick surface enacts their product’s functional purpose. To produce a smooth and seamless end product we poured a concrete self-level to match the pre-existing wood inlays, raising the floor within an eighth of an inch.


White Arapido’s pristine finish is the sophisticated and contemporary backdrop high-end fashion requires. To achieve the perfect surface, installing self level concrete prior the Arapido application ensures a smooth concrete base.


A highly reflective sealed concrete floor creates a sleek viewing space, ideal for showcasing vehicles. To protect against the threat of oil and gas leaks, we recommend to apply chemical resistant epoxy or urethane sealer.


A polished concrete is the perfect surface for displaying luxury modern furniture. Concrete communicates investment in quality and forward thinking design. The sophistication of an Arapido finish accentuates the contemporary home furnishings while calming the senses.