Our concrete walls and ceilings produce a warm and welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of Italian architecture and design. Our variety of treatments employ acid staining to evoke an old world feel that uniquely transforms interior and exterior spaces.


Patina concrete stains provide a European look that compliments surrounding outdoor elements. Each wall is rendered in a unique manner, providing clients’ with a personalized design element to home spaces that is simultaneously natural and timeless.


Our specialized spray technology can transform dated monotone stucco walls and ceilings into fresh contemporary finishes. By spraying a thin layer of Arapido and casting sand onto the surface we can create a naturally varied texture and tone.


An Arapido finish can be applied to a painted exterior surface. The addition of pigmented sand provides a light visual texture which naturally shifts the colour. In a four day period, 10 000 square feet of walls and ceilings can be coated with this cement finish.


Light texture in a concrete surface achieves a striking effect visually and haptically, reminiscent of Venetian plaster. To do so, we trowel the wall consistently until the concrete dries, sand the dry surface to soften the overall look, and finally apply several translucent glazes to create a sense a depth.