Because of today’s technology, Arapido micro topping cement is able to be polished opening up a variety of possibilities in concrete design. By resurfacing and then polishing this micro topping, many restrictions are removed that trowel down concrete overlays once had.

Additional strength and durability of the system is achieved by broad-casting aggregates into the wet concrete surface, which opens up a vast amount of purposeful and functional possibilities. Micas, shell fragments, granules of mineral flecks, fluorescent pieces, powders, green building materials such as recycled glass, and aggregates such as silica and marble all define the important natural essence when added to the cement surface.

The advancement of the Arapido concrete spray system has been demonstrated in such high end retailers such as “Restoration Hardware” where staff has seen the many advantages of the Arapido technology over the standard concrete polishing techniques used today. The Arapido system is done in 4 easy steps. On day one, the walls are taped and masked off. Day two, the floor is resurfaced with the Arapido system. Day three, the polishing is done, and Day four the new surface is sealed, completing the new surface done on time and as planned.

The resurfacing of textured surfaces like stamped concrete is now possible. Many problems arise in many parts of Sydney when installing exterior concrete….change of weather patterns, technicalities of the coloring additives during the pour etcetera. These errors can be solved without having to tear out the new concrete material.

Errors in the stamp and imprinting can cause an undesirable effect. Using Arapido to resurface the imperfections allows the problems to be solved without having to demolish the entire slab.

When installing Arapido on exterior surfaces, the concrete will get a slight grinding process. Different from a full on polish, the light grinding will leave a slight sandstone finish that takes into consideration a possible slip and fall problem if the surface is wet. Swimming pools surrounds are a good example.