Our concrete floors are a bold statement of professionalism desirable for any office or hotel space. Luminous polished concrete floors emit light and energy that in a hotel setting welcomes and relaxes guest while in an office space motiv employees.


An Arapido concrete finish is the contemporary design solution that unifies visual appeal and function for the modern office and leading hotel. Our colour systems offer a chance to personalize your space with various degrees of tones and shades that can achieve any visual effect from a classic sheen to modern matte. The polished surface of a concrete floor serves to further open up interior spaces by accentuating windows and catching natural light, creating a calm yet lively environment for offices and hotels alike.


Our Arapido spray system offers a high efficiency installation process ideal for large spaces. A 30,000 square foot project is not a labour intensive or time costly procedure with our spray system. This specialized spray technology enabled us to complete Martha Stewart’s Headquarters—an entire floor of an 1930’s art deco Manhattan building—within the timely five day application process.


The natural hues within concrete ensures a timeless look. By cutting lines between the section of a floor with a diamond blade saw, colour can be divided for a unique design result. These lines can then be filled with grout for desired textures and shades.


To ensure a professional and workable space, a perfectly level floor is essential. A self leveling cement topping creates a smooth transition from neighbouring granite tile and carpeting in smaller office spaces.