Our line of concrete overlays quickly transform dated floors into a modem luxury living space


The neutral platte of a Sgraffino concrete floor generates a calming atmosphere ideal for any bedroom. Additionally, the subtle aesthetic effects of Sgraffino compliments furniture and surrounding interior design aspects of a space.


Arapido micro-cement creates a dynamic accent to any room. It can be installed in a range of different settings to upgrade your space.

Arapido is a versatile product which can be placed on existing surfaces without compromising levels, ensuring smooth transitions to different areas of the home.

Colour matching is made easy as every floor is custom matched to the clients needs. Making your floor unique.

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With careful attention during the priming process, Pentimento cement can be applied over a gypcrete sub-floor to produce a fresh contemporary effect. The addition of Patina stains creates a striking contrast between the concrete floor and surrounding interior.


To revitalise damaged floors and update old tile or carpet floors self levelling systems can be used to achieve the finish you desire.

A versatile product that’s able to remove imperfections and correct levels on existing floors giving a great substrate to work on.

To achieve a luxury polished concrete finish the self level can be coated with our Arapido micro-cement system to give your floor an everlasting shine.


Stenciling personalized graphic during the application of our concrete overlays generates unique character to your home. Such detail creates a variety of desired effects; for example, the light texture of swirls over the earthy colour palette of Sgraffino provokes a rustic feel.


Our flooring systems are designed to merge durability with style. A polished concrete surface offers excellent resistance to daily wear and tear, specifically with constant movement of chairs and stools—an interior solution for aesthetic practicality.