If the concrete has not yet been installed, your options are greater than with an existing cement surface. Resurfacing generates further options which our specialists can discuss thoroughly during your consultation.


Aqua colour is a micronized liquid pigment we add to mixed Arapido cement prior application. By mixing primary colours on site as you would with paint, we can produce an unlimited selection of colours and thus achieve any desired palette. We can produce an unlimited selection of colours to meet your desired tonal palette by mixing primary colours on site, just as you would with paint. The systems below add to and alter the result vastly according to your desired design effect. All systems can be intermixed or applied in isolation depending on the client’s desired result.


Our dry pigment overlay, Colourfast, releases extra colour during application of the microtopping. After spraying a surface with Arapido, colourfast is thrown onto the wet cement. The more the cement is trowelled, the greater amount of texture and movement within the colour of the concrete. Colourfast produces a rich yet uniform finish ideal for a click contemporary home.


Deso Dyes render more depth to the colours and shades within concrete, characterized by movement and variation. Deso dyes are added to while mixing concrete to dictate colour by attaches itself to lime particles in the concrete. When dissolved in a solvent based solution, Deso Dyes produce vivid and deep colours; whereas when dissolved in a water based solution, Deso Dyes generate lighter pastel tones.


Acid stains, or Patina stains, create an earthy look reminiscent of old-world European aesthetic. Acid open concrete pores, enabling the heavy metal in the stain to react with the free lime in the concrete to produce a natural colour palette. The natural process is reflected in the authenticity of the tones acid stains produce, such as rust, wheat, browns, tans, mocha, ash, copper green, and copper blue.