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Polished concrete :If you have old, messy concrete floors we can polish them and make them shiny, easy to maintain and durable, while keeping the process environmentally friendly. You can also add color to your floors during the polishing process using Acid stains or Dyes.


Concrete Grinding and polishing machines will use diamond polishing pads to smooth and polish your concrete exposing a glossy shiny floor within. Once you have determined if your floor can be polished we can help you make it happen. Here are a few things to look for.

1.Is your new concrete in good shape? a)level and smooth surface finish b) hard and dense. c) no ,major cut joints or cracks in highly visible areas

2.Concrete Floor Issues a)is there any trenching for plumbing or electrical b)chips, chunks. holes or patch material. c)stains, paint,glues or residue. d) unsightly old expansion joints



Once we address any issues above we can then assess if your floor can be polished. It is the variables and expectations we need to address to give you a solution.

If the situation comes up poorly then we need to look at planB. This could mean a resurfacing system and then applying Arapido for polishing, or if the concrete is in very poor shape we might need to apply a self level concrete. Going for Plan B allows us the opportunity to integrally color the concrete topping if wanted. In the photo opposite 2/3 the floor is resurface and polished (the amber area )while the gray is existing concrete polished.



In many cases this is why we suggest using Arapido and then polish it right off the bat. With a system like Arapido we have full control over the color and finish and are not relying on someone elses work. In the photo to the left the concrete floor was polished then a pattern stencil was laid on top. After applying a fine coat of Arapido the stensil leaves the design on the floor . The day after when it is dry we used a polishing machine to ties the floor together and hide many of the imperfections in the concrete slab that were there when we arrived.


You have the choice of two coloration systems when coloring a polished concrete surface

1 Concrete dye ….COLORMAKER DESO DYE

2. Acid stain…….COLORMAKER PATINAETCH Color seperation is always foremost on your mind, here the graphic was layed out with a chalkline then cut a 4′ makita concrete diamond saw. The concrete dye was applied with a very fine brush being always careful to never concentrate the color and to keep it within its segment .

On a larger concrete project of this nature every segment would have to be masked off and then the dye would be spray applied.After the sealing this display the saw cut lines were filled in with tile grout.

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