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Use decorative concrete to create inspiring settings, Beautiful natural earthy tones and variation.  A rock salt concrete finish is patina stained and protected with sealer to avoid stains from unexpected wine spills at the vineyard.




A tile pattern was done by cutting the concrete into a tile pattern off set at a 45 degree angle relative to the home.  Once stained the concrete is sealed and will create a long lasting trouble free exterior concrete surface for entertaining.  The muted tones of the the concrete finish work well with the homes decor and ambiance.









Concrete classic look, an Arapido cement with fine ground silica sand that is hand cast onto the wet cement surface, results in a limestone finish with exterior walls and simple exterior furniture.








On the Gold Coast QLD the project that initiated the concept of broadcasting into a wet overlay by Wayne Jones. This muted white Arapido(known as sandterranium back then)  creates a crisp clean sandstone finish.





The Point Grey outdoor living and entertainment area surrounds a swimming pool.  The concrete was resurfaced with an ochre colored Arapido cement finish.  By using a simple addition of gently colored silica we gave it a slip resistant finish designed for wet spaces.






We took a bull nose step and added a natural stone look with Arapido.  By adding integral color “umber” we colored the Arapido cement and then sprayed it onto the steps.  We used a fine silica sand creating a completely natural slip resistant finish.









Neutral Bay Sydney….steep concrete drive way with a light colour loading of wales charcoal in the Arapido cement.








Queensland Cabana…..the perfect ambience for entertaining,the sand-stone finish achieved with a heavy caste-on of local Gold Coast sands.








The perfect non-slip surface for a swimming pool

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