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Decisions we can help you with...

We will assess your existing floor and help you choose the right system, this will help determine your final price.

1. Does your floor need to be leveled or just simple feather patching?

2. Is it full of stains and carpet glue?

3. Can you resurface over ceramic or porcelain tile?

4. What can be done about a plywood substrate?
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of concrete

Fresh Indoor Air Quality
Light Reflective
Low Cost Maintenance
Custom Design
Strong and Tough
Cost Effective
Modern Design....(read more)

Cost Analysis

Our expert knowledge allows us to be highly competitive.

resurfacing $50.00 / metre
self leveling ….$25.00 / metre
polishing ….$40.00 / metre
staining …..$35.00 / metre
sealing …..$17.50 / metre

Every project is different therefore the price may be affected. Please call us for price out your concrete floor……(read more)

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Our Concrete Floors

The home/penthouse

The floor is the essential part of the home design,setting the atmosphere and mood. Interesting how we normally view concrete as a merely a construction like material yet it plays definent design role here.
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Concrete maximizes the natural elegance in this modern contemporary setting.Energy efficient infloor electric heating can now be an option.
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Garden suite/basement

Confined spaces open up with seamless concrete flooring.Other issues include better air quality and no more disaters associated with pumbing problems.
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Walls and ceiling are not a problem,the application is promply applied with the Arapido concrete pump and finished with a magic trowel .
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best to integrally color or patina stain on exteriors floors, these coloring systems allow the interior and exterior to unite as one space.
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The polished concrete floor combines function and practicality with a contemporary appearance.The perfect medium to create a brand image and infuse your aesthetic vision
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The colored concrete floor gives refreshing spirit and life to a space with superior durability and long lasting performance
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Concrete surfaces can with stand high amounts of foot traffic for many years with simple low maintenance. Light reflection from displays enhance the floors natural beauty ...
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Office/foyer /hotel

The concrete floor maximises the natural translucency and determines the basic feel influencing all other design elements here.
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Public places/miscellaneous

These floors each have their own unique needs and concrete provides a high performance ,decorative and economical flooring solution.
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Concrete Surfacing

The Arapido system by Smart Surface Technology (exclusively supplied in Australia by MJW Applications) is a cement micro-topping finish that produces all the natural beauty of polished concrete. Applied by a unique airless spray system, it eliminates the problems & difficulties associated with the use of standard hand tools & related materials, e.g : trowel lines. Ideal for both horizontal & vertical surfaces (floors & walls), it provides a softer, warmer and more natural astetic.
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Unique floor designs. Colormaker is a range of products that focus in on cementitious topping and colouration for the decorative concrete industry. This product is versatile and an excellent-wearing concrete surface. Numerous decorative effects can be achieved through the creative use of the trowel, sponge, roller, or spray unit. It provides a fast solution for integrally colouring and resurfacing an interior or exterior concrete floor. Also, it is a cost effective solution for resurfacing new or old concrete and tile areas (broomed or trowelled) or creating a multi-layered weathered fresco finish. Thickness of the product depends on the type of finish, from ultra thin to 4mm. (
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Stone & Tile

MJW Applications accommodates for works ranging from exclusive houses with: limestone, marble, sandstone, terracotta or porous man-made tiles/pavers, to large concrete areas such as car parks and warehouse floors. Our specialist knowledge will ensure that the correct sealer and application will be chosen from the various alcohol and water based materials available, to establish the specified finish. Restoration of stone, tile or concrete (honing and polishing) is another high demand service we offer......
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Joint Sealing

Polyurethane and Silicone. For fast, efficient and experience sealing. From construction block-work expansion joints, rendered faces, cladding, stonework perimeters, kitchen and bathroom stone and ceramic finishes.
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Our system provides a durable and tough graffiti resistant finish. It protects a variety of exterior and interior vertical surfaces from permanent staining and damage.
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The anti-slip application is recommended for walking areas that are slippery when wet, reducing the risk of injury from slips and falls. MJW Applications’ clients include North Sydney Council (recently conducted works at Blue St.)
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We will analyze your requirements & provide you
with the best solution.

"We do not pour Ready-Mix concrete,
or paint concrete"

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