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School & Gym concrete floors

School floors have to be extremely durable to withstand the tough life at them. These floors are ideal candidates for  the Arapido Concrete Systems which produces a polished concrete finish.  Our  innovative Arapido concrete flooring system provides a flawless finish and long lasting durability.









With this School floor  we took both design aspects and colours from the school emblem. Applying the new concrete resurfacer then coloured the school floors with a  combination of concrete dyes and cast on aggregates. After a concrete sealer is applied to a cement topping you will notice a transformation of intensity take place. When it comes to  School floors our  concrete sealers provide excellent protection and longevity from every day use and abuse.








We produce low maintence floor solutions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of high traffic low maintenance requirements for school floors. Having worked with a variety of different institutions, from hospitals to educational facilities.   At this Vancouver College a 5500 sqft area was done using concrete flooring.  After 18 months of use and proven durability, another 10,000 of decorative concrete was specified in.  Only due to the good response from the client after a proven track record did the facilty and maintenance staff, select more Decorative Concrete Flooring, this was in lieu of the old vinyl VCT floors that had been used in the past.






By using integral colors this concrete hospital floor interacts with the large glass windows accentuating the open space  of the hospital’s design. With a high ceiling sporting large windows the natural light spills through and fills concrete micro topping surface with natural sunlight revealing deep rich natural tones and colors in the pigmented decorative concrete floor.  Without a maintenance plan any floor finish will show signs of aging but even after 12 years this floor still looks great but coud be renewed with a simple seal coat.






A new patient area in this hospital was designed for those waiting for surgey.  We stained a Micro-Topping and enhanced the natural exposed wood beams along with a grand fire place, all designed to create a relaxing yet inviting feeling to this First Nations living centre.

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