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Maintenance on concrete floors


Daily maintenance for concrete floor:

1.  Sweep and dust mop  thoroughly to remove  loose dirt and debris.

2.  In dirty areas that need cleaning use a lite detergent and mop.


General concrete floor Maintenance:

1.  Average everyday dust mopping is easiest

2.Ocassional damp mop when dirt residues are present.

3.When  water-based sealers or coatings are used you should periodically apply a floor finish to keep the shine and maintain a wear layer on the surface.

4. Urethanes  should be buffed before applying a floor finish this will help the floor finish to stick these  floors will often require less maintenance than other floors.

5. To create high gloss finish after applying floor finish buff with high speed maintainer 1500 rev/ min




Long term concrete maintenance/ protection using a floor finish.   One of the best ways  of keeping your floor looking great is to keep grit, sand, and dirt  controlled, a walkoff mat  is ideal in high traffic commercial for situations.

1. Heavy usage: Shopping malls and markets once a month program is desired

2. Medium : retail stores every 6 months is desired 3. low usage:residential every 12- 24 months is desired Controlling grit is the most effective way to maintain your concrete surface and to reduce floor finishing frequency.




The re-finishing procedure for a concrete surface:

1.Dust mop or vac prefectly clean.

2 scrub floor with a mild detergent and warm water.

3. Apply floor finish with micro fibre pad/ applicator 1-2 coats 30 minutes apart. The process of applying the finish take so little time ,allow about 15-20 minutes to apply finish over 1000 sqft. once the floor has been cleaned.

The whole issue of maintenance can be minimized by controlling grit. Use walk off matts at critical entrance ways and have them cleaned regularily .Ideally, mats should be place at the entrance and especially with commercial building that have street curb access. Another important area needing attention is in restraunts where the kitchen floor meets the public area, this floor area needs a matt to collect grease, and should be changed frequently .

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