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The Home

The new Arapido cement in white transforms this home that was originally tiled in 1970′s style large brown terra cotta into a calm spacious feeling rancher nestled atop a hillside in British Properties.








In this Sgraffino concrete floor the soft natural octre color compliments the shade of linen duvet. In the beautiful light color variation, it draws the eyes attention and makes you take notice.









When staining an Arapido finish, the unsurpassed durability and level of elegance is truly accentuated. The characteristics of the earth acid stain color tones are even further enhanced with water based sealer and floor finish.











In this interesting application, the use of Pentimento cement was applied over a gypcrete sub-floor. In order to be successful, extra attention in the priming process is critical. The result, rustic old age beauty, lightly stained concrete floor that can transform the mood of this space to a feeling of our less hectic past. The antique look of patina stains against the procelain bathtub create a visually appealing space.






Due to an insurance claim for plumbing overflow, this project’s vinyl tile and carpet were totally ruined. A self level concrte was poured over electric heating mats in specific areas and then top coated with Arapido in light grey finish to rejeuvenate this ground floor.









The French inspired kitchen showed off the earthy colors of Sgraffino overlay with the light texture swirls defining the rustic feel. Grapes were stenciled into the floor to add a unique characture to this home in the vineyards.









Offering excellent resistance to daily wear and tear, the polished concrete surface can withstand constantly moving chairs and stools. It is always good practice to install felt sliders to their feet. You will not have to sacrifice style for practicality in this concrete floor.

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