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Colouring Concrete Floors

Colouring concrete:

The concrete coloring options can be overwhelming at first glance, but don’t get too rapped up the methods until understanding what is possible with your concrete floor ,as it will depend upon a number of factors .

1. Are you trying to color the existing concrete

2. Has the concrete even been laid yet

3.Do you need a self level poured followed with a new overlay.

If you are building new, and concrete has not be installed ,there are more options to choose from then on existing cement. Resurfacing will open up even more options too many to discuss here . These options will be dealt with in your quote.

Firstly we will address the two integral colouring concrete methods used for our toppings .

1 Aqua colour …micronized liquid pigment this will be added to the newly mixed Arapido cement prior to the application. Loading can be easily adjusted on site to meet your colour objective.An unlimited color selection as the primary colors can be mixed on site just as you would with paint.We classify this has our primary coloring systems, that can just be the beginning. As the systems below will add and alter the result vastly if required.

2.Colouring concrete with Colorfast… this a dry pigment system for overlays (micro toppings etc.)it also is added to the new resurfacer on site prior to installing .The main difference with it over Aquacolor is it ability to release extra colour during the application of the micro topping. The more the cement is trowelled the more colour is release thus creating greater variegation in the final surface. Colorfast is ideally suited to Sgraffino as this material is put down with a trowell where as Arapido cement is sprayed on with a concrete pump.


Deso concrete dyes these are our secondary line of colouring concrete suited solely for interior applications as they will fade on high exposure to sunlight overtime. They can be applied in either water based or solvent solution.This will vary there performance and end result …the Deso dyes in the picture to the right were applied in numerous layers in a water based solution on top of each so that they would float and intermingle and not absorb totally in, and when washed off produce a larger variegation than the solvent concrete dyes.




Colouring concrete with Pearla a mica pigment which produces shimming light reflective properties to our concrete floors,works extremely well with Arapido cement. Comes in a variety of colors with gold and silver my choice.The project was Deso dyed with a earthy brown color call Burleywood then flashes of green Perla where added followed with gold Perla over the entire field.






An acid stain also known as Patina stain, or concrete chemical stain are extensively used for colouring concrete .The term a lot of people throw over the whole concrete colouring thing. Its in fact just a small segment of the market and mainly in North America.The process relies on heavy metals and oxidizers with a low percentage of acid to basically open the cement pores and reacts with the concretes surface free lime to produce color . Great for producing natural earthy colours, a limited color pallet …rust,wheat ,browns, tans, mocha, black, copper green and copper blue.

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