MJW Applications recently completed a polished concrete floor at Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store located at 175 Pitt St in the Sydney CBD. The floor is finished with a custom Arapido micro-topping created specifically for Tiffany’s.


The Atrium floor is finished with an Arapido Micro Topping featuring a stainless steel 6mm inlay. Arapido is a durable concrete floor finish ideal for areas with high traffic.


Initially a 60mm set down was placed, then a 40mm Ardex A38 modified screed was installed. For the stainless steel inlays a 20mm set down was used. The floor was then self-levelled with Ardex K12 and finished with Smart Surface Technologies ARAPIDO micro-topping.


The stainless steel inlays in the Atrium were masked prior to self-levelling with Ardex K12. Scope of works is to maintain a Brushed Metal Finish.


Atrium Above – after Arapido Spraying. There was over 100 lineal metres of 6mm Brush Stainless Steel Inlay. Also 6 removeable box covers for electrical power outlets to service the mobile display cases.


Ardex K12 Self-level was used around the 6mm Stainless Steel Inlay of the Tiffany & Co. logo. Scope of work was to maintain a Brushed Metal Finish. (Not polished)



Flagship Store – Back of House Stairs


Custom Arapido Finish on Steel Frame Stairs.

The floor was self-levelled in a 35mm bulk fill prior to applying the Arapido finish. A custom colour was created for the floor and the Arapido was finished with a Polyurethane Coat and a 2 pack Urethane Coat for maximum protection. An anti-slip inlay was set onto the self level as an inlay/ inset to prevent slipping not the steps.


Installing EpiMax 225 to steel pan stairs.


BASF F5 Aggregate was broadcasted to EpiMax 225, binder and key for Ardex BF900 self-level.


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