Self-levelling is as quintessential for pre-existing slabs as a smooth and flat subfloor is a requirement for an effective floor covering installation.


At MJW Applications, we provide a high quality self-levelling service. Self-levelling concrete is modified cement with a polymer compound. In contrast to regular concrete, self-levelling concrete has high flow and does not require excessive amounts of water for installation.


MJW Applications is an accredited ARDEX installer. ARDEX manufacture an array of award winning latex & water-based self-levelling compounds suitable for all floors both internally and externally. For over 60 years, ARDEX has been a central leader for the entire industry with their high quality and reliable technology, as well as commitment to reducing their ecological footprint.


We are able to create a level floor with improved strength as well as reduced stress and strain through the use of ARDEX Microtec Technology, made from ARDEX exclusive materials combined with polymers special cements and high performance fibres. Self-levelling requirements differ depending on the nature of your floor; get in touch with one of our specialists for a free consultation to assess what self-level best suits your floor.