All decorative floors are incomplete without the application of sealer. This key step is essential to protect, prolong and preserve the appearance of your concrete floor.


At MJW Applications we finish all our floors with a high quality sealer suitable for your floor. Our sealers will not only preserve and protect your concrete floor from stains and abrasions but additionally enhance the floor’s aesthetic quality by accentuating the concrete’s colour and adding sheen.

During our consultation and design process, we will choose a sealer specific to the type of floor and the client’s desired end result. Because of our team’s specialized knowledge of the different ways in which various sealers interact, MJW Applications ensures our sealers will never hinder the appearance of your concrete floor with unwanted side effects. ****

The life expectancy of sealer varies from case to case depending on the conditions the floor is exposed to and how well the floor is maintained. In order to best preserve the appearance and quality of your concrete floor it is suggested you reseal your floor every few years. Get in touch with one of our specialists for a free consultation for further information regarding the upkeep of your concrete floor.