Polyurethane and Silicone. For fast, efficient and experience sealing. From construction block-work expansion joints, rendered faces, cladding, stonework perimeters, kitchen and bathroom stone and ceramic finishes.


Colormaker is a range of products that focus in on cementitious topping and colouration for the decorative concrete industry. This product is versatile and an excellent-wearing concrete surface.


The Arapido system by Smart Surface Technology (exclusively supplied in Australia by MJW Applications) is a cement micro-topping finish that produces all the natural beauty of polished concrete.


Our system provides a durable and tough graffiti resistant finish. It protects a variety of exterior and interior vertical surfaces from permanent staining and damage. Because of today‚Äôs technology, Arapido micro topping cement is able to be polished opening up a variety of possibilities in concrete design. By resurfacing and then polishing this micro topping,…