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Vertical/ Ceilings

In this Italian inspired atmosphere, the entire property was acid stained including all of the inside floors.  Acid staining the entire exterior of the building created an aged effect that set the stage to showcase the awe inspiring collection of antiques inside.



The task for this 90 acre estate dream property in Lodi California was to tie in the train station with it’s miniature track surrounding the perimeter including the numerous buildings that had been built over a number of years.  The exterior walls each had their own renders.  The Patina concrete stains used were a great way to create an old world look from Europe and pull all of the elements together.









Concrete acid stains react with the free lime in the concrete to create color.  Because some of the walls were created with a modern plastic like stucco, we used translucent old earth pigments derived from France.  These pigments made into a glaze replicated the colors in acid that were needed for the effect.





In this unique project the client chose a strong ochre color for the entire home and once painted was not happy with the outcome.  After consulting with them, we applied Arapido finish to the entire surface in the same color shade but with light visual texture added.  Utilizing the Arapido color shifts was the objective and in a four day period all 10,000 square feet including the entire interior walls and ceilings were coated with cement.






This picture, left, shows the effect of creating a light concrete texture using a magic trowel.  To produce a fine venetian plaster like effect, the wall is troweled consistently until dry.  Once dry an on the following day, the surface is sanded which softens the overall look.  Finally, a number of translucent glazes are applied to create more depth to the surface.

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