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Show Rooms

A good reason to choose a seamless concrete colored floor is that is showcases the products on display instead of competing with the attention of the viewer.  The eye is allowed to focus not on the distraction of a ceramic floor tile’s grout but on the individual pieces of the display.   Sgraffino elegantly colored concrete cement excentuates the design of the area and stylish furnishings.




This floor in North Face utilizes a slight off-white Pentimento cement and creates a modern, natural effect.  Using a concrete self level in the installation allowed the level to be raised within an 1/8th of an inch to match the already installed wood inlays.  The installed Pentimento was double trowelled to give the trendy appearence to the store.




High end fashion requires a display with a perfect backdrop.  The pristine, high end Arapido in white was installed using imbeded fine crushed marble.  Again, a self level concrete was installed prior to the Arapido application to ensure a smooth concrete surface base.









To achieve a sleek viewing space for vehicles at an auto dealership is acheived using the highly reflective properties of a sealed concrete floors.  In this type of application, oil and gas leaks may pose a problem so we would recommend a chemical resistant sealer be applied.  To enhance the European car showroom, a varigated acid stain effect is used.








To showcase these very expensive knee braces, our installation meets the demand for the designer’s aethetic needs.  By partnering up the wood and concrete, we promote the perfect balance in design of this showroom and the knee braces on display.







The ideal surface for displaying luxurious, modern furniture is pronounced the beautiful details of a polished concrete surface.  The sophistication of our Arapido finish accetuates the contemporary home furnishings, and gives a calming effect on the senses.










A perfect match to the concept of seamless light reflective concrete in a quality premium class environment, make this Arapido concrete floor seem very much at home in this space.  Quality surroundings, showcase a saleable product at it’s best.












Give a traditional girl’s bedroom  a modern edge with the addition of a hand troweled sgraffino cement floor. Taking on a air of elegance, the show room concept of soft white cottons and linen posts a question in the mind……why does this design aspect work so well.

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