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Restaurant & Market concrete floors

Restaurant&Market: Our concrete floors can be used in both residentail and commercial settings,  Our system is adaptable and can create any variety of outcomes.  Our experience is vast and includes various finishes for the Restaurants floor and Markets.








The earth patina stain that was used on this concrete is sublte compared to the bold shiny look of this antique automobile.  This floor produces a sence of classic style and subtle modern yet timless finish.  This is one of the harshest situations for our systems but a properly specified systems will endure as long as all the variables are put into considerarion.





Concrete acid stains can create an old worlds rustic finish.  Stained Cocnrete floors are ideal in coffee houses and the relaxing atmosphere within.  This coffe shop floors was done within a Wholefoods market South of San Fransisco and concrete stained floor enhances the relaxed atmosphere of the coffee house.The floor was in a Wholefoods that The Concretist did just South of San Francisco Airport. The many themes in this store warrant a place in any art gallery.







By using bold colors next to subtle ones you can add an exciting powerful color combination.  This Purdey’s Chocolat Shop used dyes and stains to blend seamlessly to create a company brand that incudes an antique brass logo and thier signature Velvet Purple color.





Another popular floor finish was created by the Concretetist on this project.  By layering a number of differetn colors on top of each other we were able to create depth of color.  By creating numerous overlays of color in geometric shapes the retail store floor created an envoronment that led to many focal points includig the Cabernet Sauvignon section within the wine department.





The warm tones and colors of ochre creates an inviting interior floors for this Wholefood market. As in most high traffic areas we like  to recommend using the durable urethane sealer to help with resisting stains and wear.  Urethane can withstand a lot of traffic and checmicals found in foods.  The Sgraffino concrete floor here has mellowed with time and many say it looks even better today than the day we finished the installation.   Wholefoods market in Bellevue Washington

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