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The timeless elegance of an Arapido cement finish has beed designed to endure the demanding and high traffic physical properties of a heavily used commercial entryway.  The bright and luminous properties of a polished concrete floor leaves the entryway of an office beaming with light and energy.









An Arapido concrete finish was used in this office reception area creating an unmistakable apparent  statement of high end and professionalism. To help solve various issues including a large amount of Carpet glue and residue we installed a self level system that raised the floor to create a smooth transition from the neighboring granite tile in the foyer and carpeting in the smaller office spaces.









This high tech downtown office used Arapido cement flooring to accentuate the large glass panels giving the room a modern contemporary feel with a polished floor surface.   The color variegation is done with different degrees of color loading to create a hue and mottle look.







Our Arapido spray system is ideal for large spaces and is efficient in it’s installation,  This 30,000 square foot jobs was not considered a labor intensive tedious process. For this project we were hired as expert consultants aid in the application of the new Arapido cement resurfacing system.  This was done at Martha Stewart’s showroom floor.  This beautiful Manhatton 1930′s art deco building took on an light vibrant loft style atmosphere when completed.


Concrete Flooring when done right will create a bold statement in any office entryway.  With a wide range of colors in our collection we focus on Natural hues and shades to ensure a consistent timeless color pallet   By using the same acid stain colors but with different dilutions we can create alternating  colors on each floor section.  The color was divided by cutting lines between colors using a diamond blade saw.  The lines were then grouted to fill them in and create another area for color.









Choppra Yoga Centre chooses our polished concrete topping for their flooring throughout the new centre







Polished Concrete with a light acid wash to remove various water stains.These were the result of  plastic protection left on during construction,then seal with our euro-thane 467

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