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Job Cost Analysis

Price: remember it will vary greaty from locale to locale depending very much on the cost of doing business in that particular region.

Vancouver is classified in the meduim pricing range for Canada.

The pricing below is just to be used as a guide line and give you an idea what to expect. When you are ready to make the next step press WANT A QUOTE   for a firm price .

Self level :  Resurface  :  color  :  Polish    :     Seal

$3.00     :   $5.00        :   .50     :   $4.50     :    $ 1.75



Points we take in to consideration when pricing your project

1.accessability…is the project on the 7th floor down town, or flying to Cortes island.

easy no change

diffficuilt plus 5% – 10%



2.Project size….the over size is important but also the layout ,is there 101 small rooms

under 1000sqft. plus 10% to 30%

1000-3000 plus or minus 5% to 10%

3000- 10000 minus 10%

above 10,000 minus 10% to 15%




3.Surface preparation. ….this could even mean a layer of self level or just some feather patching

normal no change

major depending on the solution ….will affect each system very differently.



4. Payment structure…this is negoitated with each project and will affect our quoted price.

On a final note the largest project that we contracted and completed was for 375,000 sqft in

The Palisades Mall,  New York State.

The smallest  notable project was a concrete floor in the Zen room at the Asian Museum in San Francisco, just 65sft…

Both were priced according to the state of the existing concrete floor, time, materials, effort,and hopefully a profit ….not always a standard price as you can imagine.


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