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Resurfacing is done with a cement topping.  resurfacing lets us restore the surface of concrete to its original state or better. Resurfacing materials allow us to add color or texture to a concrete and can be made to look like a brand new finish.  Concrete toppings can be polished or stamped and are sealed to protect the shine and make them stain resistant.



Self Level Concrete is a staple to our business.  This material will provide a smooth level finish that will correct poor concrete slabs while allowing us the design and decorate accordingly.  You can also use this system before placing carpet, tile or wood to make sure you have an ideal substrate.  This system has saved many floors that were poorly placed and finished.  We use these floors for decorating or creating a polished concrete floor finish even on top of wooded sub floor.


With todays technology we can polish even the most hideous concrete floors.  When concrete is done right and is level and smooth we can add a polished finish to it This will add a high-end translucent effect.   From time to time when the floor does not meet the requirements to be polished we can apply the new  polished surface using Arapido  this will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


The options of coloring concrete are limitless coloring is included with any of our resurfacing systems if you choose not to color the concrete but use its natural gray tone there are many options and finishes including high-gloss, matte or low shine options.


protecting your concrete is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. You cannot simply add color to concrete and not seal it to protect it. Sealing of the concrete  is a part of the complete system and of the resurfacing process we will help you choose the right sealer for your application to ensure a long-lasting finish.



We are not only installers but are the manufacture of the products, we can thereby teach our customers about decorative concrete its uses and its advantages and benefits. Our consultation services are worldwide and we are recognized as an industry leader in our field. We consult on both residential and commercial projects and work directly with owners other contractors along with architects and designers we can discuss rates and expenses for your particular project.


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If you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for but like to pursue using decorative concrete for your next project please contact us for an obligation free consultation we will help to take some of the confusion out of decorative concrete flooring and finishes.


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