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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits of concrete floors :

Welcome to the world of decorative concrete.  With these products and innovative application techniques we will show you how concrete can be one of the most unique, cost effective and beautiful surfaces available.

1. Environmentally  friendly and Energy saving…. If sustainability and Green products are important to you, concrete then should be the flooring of choice for you.  Concrete floors are Environmentally  friendly because of several factors.  *A concrete does not use as much energy in production when compared most other types of floors. *We do not cut down trees. *Concrete can be 100% recycled. *By Selecting concrete as a floor finish you will eliminate non recyclable materials like carpet, vinyl and plastic.  *Concrete floors are VOC compliant and are not full of volatile organic compounds that emit gasses into the air we breath.  *Energy-saving abilities.  Concretes thermal mass characteristics can aid in sustaining temperature in a rapidly heating and cooling during peak temperature hours.  This in effect will reduce heating and air conditioning needs for a building.


2. Safety….A concrete floor will not burn and therefore is an ideal fire proof material for your building to protect your property and personal effects.



3. Ideal air quality..Carpeting can contribute to allergens and will not breed dust mites. This is a huge benefit to asthma sufferers and those with lung issues.


4.Light Reflective …Light sealed concrete can reflect a lot of light and therefor can greatly reduce the amount of electricity and lighting need for a room or large space.



5. Indoor air quality…Concrete does not create mould or mildew often found in damp carpet or rubber floors.



6. Low Maintenance Costs  ..It is easy to clean and maintain concrete you simply need to dust mop or sweep regularly and then use a non aggressive floor cleaned when it is time to mop.



7. Unlimited design creativity. ..Concrete flooring is extremely flexible when is come to design and you can choose from texture, color and patterns in any arrangement.



8. Strong and tough …Concrete floors are very durable they can last many lifetimes. One of the main reasons is that concrete is not very affected by moisture and therefore will last for a long time  while other will be damaged by water.



9. Low Cost of ownership….When you consider the long term costs of flooring, concrete is a top choice for overall cost effectiveness.  Take into consideration, maintenance, upkeep, durability, weather resistance insect damage and fire damage.



10. Designer and architecturally eye-catching ..Concrete range of surfaces and colour allows for both function and practicality with many styles from classic to modern to contemporary.







11. New concrete flooring surface with out removing the old existing ceramic tiles.

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