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We can create a 1001 different shades of gray with the lastest concrete micro topping technology.  Our most common color demanded since 2006 has been varying shades of grey, going from warm to cool depending on the client.







Before designing your ideal apartment  or condo space it is critical to choose the right colors to work with the size of the space.  In this photo the home owner swapped out a white shag area rug for an Arapido Overlay.  The reasoning was that they were not interested in cleaning a white rug with a dog in the house all day,  as well as the allergens dirt and dust that would be captured in the rug.  Concrete floors are much more hygienic that carpeting.










By using a polished gray Sgraffino concrete floor you can add sophistication and a modern feel to any space. By designing with style you can use wood or cabinetry to to set against a modern floor to capture the minimalist mood.








A monotone gray Sgraffino concrete floor is ideal in a an open style living room or great-room space is perfect for entertaining.  This is also great for a bachelor who want a simple, low maintenance life style, so he can focus on the weekend get togethers not his floor.









Create a contemporary and modern feel for your apartment or condo with Arapido decorative concrete floor. With color combinations of white furniture set against a pearl gray concrete floor it has the large space feeling warm and inviting.










The look and feel of a seamless concrete floor creates the decor of this one of a kind loft.  Although this floor is simple it is also stylish.  Polished concrete floors can be a backdrop to showcase your collection of art, furniture or memorabilia.  Hard to imagine we went of the top of white Georgian marble with this installation.



























Masking to 1.5 meters protects existing kitchen mill work and appliances










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