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Concrete Overlay

The Colormaker resurfacing and overlay products allow us to create the floors we do, with Colormaker Products we could not get the finishes, colors and textures we have developed.



Back in the 90′s we used to show up on projects that were out of town, to discover we had the resurface the concrete before any decoration could be done. Even the most basic. Since then consistent research and development has produced a unique blend of products that is now used by many of the worlds greatest brands and highly recognized names. Some of the most notable brand names including Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, Whole Foods, Sur la Table, Hard rock Cafe, Starbucks,Tiffany Museum, Universal studios, Opus One winery, Perry Ellis, Restoration Hardware and many many more.



See the Stabila level and how far off the floor is. The bubble is level but you can clearly see the installers finger that is needed to create the levelness. This floor is over 1/2 inch off level in just this one 18 inch spot. You can also see a huge crack next to his finger. Even though this is new concrete of less than a month old we see this all the time! Even the most highly regarded Ready-Mix companies market a “self leveling” high strength, non shrinking concrete that can be ordered right out of the concrete mix truck ….This is not the case!… This photo is what you will get. We always recommend a high strength cement installed at less slump and just take a little longer to install using an experienced concrete placer with a power trowel who is ready to finish trowel your concrete at least 3 times .




In this picture the concrete floor standard as to what is out there. ….This floor is impossible to polish in its current state, there are even radiant floor heat pipes showing. This cannot be polished! and forget the additiona of color. The Los Angles Perry Ellis Store floor required a self level concrete applied. Arapido was then applied and white marble chips and silica were broadcast on the wet cement suface and the day after the concrete floor was polished and sealed. This created a beautiful new floor that only took 4 days from start to end.


MCA one of the top furniture stores in all of Manhattan, NY USA. With over 1000 sq metres of space the store is stocked full with new furniture all placed on a Colormaker Sgraffino cement finish. We were called in to work with Paul Hunek, from Hudson Concrete, on this project. He had a lot on the go at the time and needed a hand with this demanding installation.

The system (as seen in below image) is called Terrazzi, similar to TERRAZZO but the aggregates are very much smaller. We hand broadcast the aggregate onto the wet Arapido cement and then once dry it is polished with diamond pads creating a visually appealing modern and decorative polished concrete finish.

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