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Basement & Garden Suite

Basement & Garden suite: Our specialized polished concrete flooring, Arapido, provides a smooth finish and a natural shift in colour, complimenting a clean home decor. Furniture’s appearance is enhanced by the rich sublte tones of the concrete flooring. Any basement or garden suite can transformed into a uniquely designed space by the use of our polished concrete flooring.




In order to reveal the floors coloured silica matrix and create polished concrete floor with natural mottling and colour variation, at the time of floor installation we broadcast an aggregate. No matter the size of the space, a simple concrete floor can establish an larger feeling area due to concrete floorings seamless aspect.







For a visually appealing backdrop in a basement hallway, a subtle colour loading of Arapido mix up has a transforming nature.








From wood cabinets to glass detailing, concrete’s easily matching nature, forms a clean modern decor. Arapido high quality texture and finish contributes to the overall appearance of any upscale bathroom











Patina Chemical Acid Stains natural chemical reaction enhances and emphasizes the polished concrete surface.  Concrete’s durability combined with the longevity of Patina Stains form the very highest standard of quality

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